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Practical Resources for the Wesleyan Youthworker

plug in to get weekly youth ministry resources from our methodist and wesleyan theology and framework. curriculum, administrative, tips, tricks, trends, interviews, and more..

Setting Youth Ministry Goals

Setting Youth Ministry Goals | Youthworker Circuit Wesleyan Methodist Youth Ministry Resources

It’s the beginning of the year which is always a good time think about long term goals. What goals do you have for your ministry this year? This month? For the next 5 years? I am not a big mission statement person, those generally are too loaded or too vague « Continue »

Use UltraText to Promote Your Next Youth Event

Using UltraText for Youth Ministry Communication

Let’s face it, youth are not hanging out on Facebook anymore, so all that time we spend there is probably now just for the parents. But they are spending their time in their phones, texting and sending pictures to each other. So why not promote your next youth event with


How to find & download the free new album from U2


If you’re like me you were excited to hear that U2 had injected its new album into your iTunes, gratis. If you’re even more like me, you spent the better part of the last day or so trying to find the damn thing to download it. If you’re completely


10 Tonight Show Youth Group Games


Let’s face it, we are always looking for fun games to do with our youth groups. There seems to never be a point where we are not thinking about some game activity to get the group interacting, thinking, or boost the overall energy. So we were looking at one today’s


3 Questions

3Q logo.001

3 Questions is a program that we developed to help create honest dialogue between parents and kids. For some reason in a one-on-one setting there’s nothing harder for a kid to do than pose a point blank question to their parents. For parents, it’s hard to ask a kid a


Youth Ministry Now

Youth Ministry Now | Theological Youth Ministry

Stumbled upon this series of youth ministry lectures at Yale Divinity School today. Some quality youth ministry thinking captured here. NOTE: It isn’t the biggest of deals, but you might want to skip past the introductions, if you’ve ever been to an academic keynote you will know that the proper


Getting David vs Goliath Wrong

Malcolm Gladwell on getting wrong David and Goliath

Enjoyed this TED Talk by Malcolm Gladwell as he shares his new understanding of the dynamics of David and Goliath meeting together. What does this do to change some of your thoughts about David and Goliath? Do you like Malcolm’s new lesson we can take away from the David &


Saint Patrick Bad Analogies

Saint Patrick and Bad Analogies of the Trinity

Ever tried to explain The Trinity? Apparently Saint Patrick had problems with that as well. At least he had problems explaining with some common analogies. Enjoy!


Standard United Methodist Youth Ministry

Standard Youth Ministry

See what I did there? I’ve gone on a bit here and other places grousing about the lack of a standard of youth ministry, particularly within the UMC. “Particularly” because I’m in the UMC, not because they’re worse than anybody else about it. It irritates the hell out of me.


Hacking Youth Ministry

Hacking Youth Ministry? by Youthworker Circuit

Have a growing population of homeschooling teenagers? I know we certainly do. Perhaps you have seen some of the videos out there that bring into question todays education system. Perhaps you have read something like Drive by Dan Pink and checked out our Motivation 3.0 in Youth Ministry and


WHAT IF: we stop teaching youth what we know about God?

Changes in Youth Ministry | Youthworker Circuit | Kevin Alton

Throughout the history of education (no doubt this ends in an over-summation) the current generation has buckled at the knees in an effort to hand down a set of knowledge to the next generation. “Here is what we’ve learned,” we tell them. “You learn it too, then we’ll all know.”


How to Use Instagram for Youth Ministry

How to Use instagram for Youth Ministry

Facebook is becoming passe’ and image driven communication is an absolute must with teenagers today. One of the growing social networks for teen use is Instagram. So how can we use Instagram for our youth ministry? Here is one way to use it for sending out news messages about youth.


Understanding Teenage Boys

Understanding Teen Boys | Masterminds and Wingmen

Need some resource to help you in understanding teenage boys, or give to others to help them? Highly recommend this most recent book. I have begun to read “Masterminds and Wingmen” which is the newest writings by Rosalind Wisemen. She is most recognized as a female expert. Her