10 Tonight Show Youth Group Games

tonight show youth group games

Let’s face it, we are always looking for fun games to do with our youth groups. There seems to never be a point where we are not thinking about some game activity to get the group interacting, thinking, or boost the overall energy. So we were looking at one of today’s great game creators and thought, I wonder what Tonight Show youth group games we could glean from him? So we’ve come up with our list of favorites Tonight Show games that could be adapted into some pretty fun youth group games.

NOTE: The key with Jimmy making these successful is that he has fun with them. If you choose a youth or adult who doesn’t have fun with them then it’d be a hurdle for the youth group to have fun with them. So in the introduction to this, or any games, you need to choose participants strategically. After a round or two and the group anticipates these as fun then you can choose almost anyone. If you think of or are using any other Tonight Show youth group games, please leave them in the comments.

TOP 10 Tonight Show Youth Group Games

And before we start, yes, we get some irony of a Top 10 list but with the Tonight Show

1. Lip Sync Off

This one can be pretty easy to pull off. Have a few youth challenge each other to some Lip Sync Offs and collect what songs they want to ‘sing’ to. Have a round or two with a handful of youth and then have the rest of the group cheer for the winner. You can create some silly trophy (plastic kids microphone) to hand out each challenge to the winner.

1a. Improv Dance Off

In similar fashion to the LipSync Off the Improv Dance Off would be a competition between persons or a team of persons. Have your group create a few ideas and then give the person/s a moment to figure out their thing. The trick would be to get some good music. Suggestion might be to pick up a few stock tracks of fast, slow, and varied paces and beats. That should give your music person a few options to choose from. If you are at all a fan of improv the players generally know genre of music will have a certain beat to it.

2. Drum Off

Honestly, this one would be tough to pull off, but the video is so epic we wanted it in the mix. If you can think of two different instruments, no matter how basic (think triangles from children’s choirs) and have two youth dual for the title of ‘best triangle player’ or something.

3. Charades

Charades is a classic game. It gets people jumping and moving around. People get into it. If you can figure out a way to show the whole group the word or phrase trying to be guessed then they get in on the fun as well. There is also a fun adaptation of this game called “Reverse Charades” you should check out.

4. Youth Group Suggestion Box

Anytime you go to the crowd you can get some interesting responses. So this might need some filtering, but if you implement this with a few guidelines the youth might come up with some really entertaining stuff. You, or a youth team, can work on making it happen for the following week.

5. Doo-Wop Sing

This one is fun if you have a concept to start with. They are using an app called Loopy HD to record some of the tracks that they eventually sang to. If you can come up with a few sounds for a few youth to make then have the whole group sing along to a song that’d be pretty awesome group experience. Probably have a object lesson in there somewhere as well.

6. Roller Golf

Combining a few activities in a same activity will always create some fun experience. If you can come up with some roller blades and golf clubs you can always find some plastic golf balls in the toy section of a store. If not, just choose some ping-pong balls. Create some semblance of a track to race on. Split the group up into cheering sections so that they have a vested interest in someone winning.

6a. Cooler Scooter Race

This one has a bunch of beer references, which is not something you need to be doing for youth group (that doesn’t actually need saying does it?). However, the concept of the game is good and can be adapted with tricycles or something.

7. Funny Face Off

You can have the youth group members submit their funniest faces, or weirdest faces, then put them on a screen and have other youth group members compete to see who can most closely resemble the funny face.

8. Water War

This is pretty straight forward, two people dueling to stay dry and soak the other person. Getting wet generally isn’t a big deal for clean up. If they get into it the tension and splashing for the group can be really fun. If you are unfamiliar with the game War then check out the rules beforehand. If you want to stay away for ‘war’ (for war metaphor reasons) you can easily change out naming of this to ‘water contest’ or some other creation. Fun part of this one is you can probably bring this back a number of times. Caution, be careful if you are on a stage with music equipment.

9. Egg Roulette

This one takes a little bit of prep. Beyond that it is pretty straight forward. You can implement some scoring or reward system, ie. if you get a bible quiz question right you get to choose an egg for the opponent, get it wrong you choose an egg for you. Beyond that, it’s the tension of two people getting messy or staying clean.

10. Sticky Balls

This one will more than likely take some investment. Though you can probably see about doing something with sticky tape balls that doesn’t require the velcro suit. If you had someone who likes to sow then you can probably create a few velcro vests that can rotate with various sized youth over the years. If nothing else you can have a similar ball fight to get as many balls on the other person’s side.

BONUS: You can give the Z-Curve Bow Stand Off a try (they won’t let me embed the video). I have one of these bows for my 4 year old and are pretty fun to play with. Creating the plastic shield would be a trick. You can get some plastic poster board from a sign shop for not a huge investment (like $15) and then can cut it up to your needs. Cardboard boxes created into a suit of armor might be the path of least resistance for this one though. If the youth did a good job creating a suit of armor you can turn that into an object lesson as well. But mostly it’s fun to shoot your friend for points. We hope you enjoy these Tonight Show youth group games!