3 Questions

3 Questions is a program that we developed to help create honest dialogue between parents and kids. For some reason in a one-on-one setting there’s nothing harder for a kid to do than pose a point blank question to their parents. For parents, it’s hard to ask a kid a point blank question without putting them on the defensive, scrambling to give the right answer so they can end the conversation and not feel like they’re in trouble anymore.

Solution? More parents, more kids. More conversation.

3 Questions puts kids & parents in safe, peer community to ask  & answer with anonymity questions that in some cases have been nagging them for years. Parents in one room and kids in another, the parents work together to create 3 questions for the kids. The kids work together to create 3 questions for the parents. The questions go across the hall. Still separated, each group answers the questions of the other, then they come back together to discuss. Couldn’t be more simple. And at the end of the night, you’re sending them home really talking to each other.
The download includes an overall guide to the event and is followed by a moderator’s guide and a few heading-only sheets for the questions and answers. This can be used in one of your regular program time slots, but know that you won’t be able to do the process justice in under an hour. Best case scenario is to do it planning to take at least an hour and a half or at a time that can run long if necessary–we’ve seen it generate more than one come-to-Jesus meeting.

Most importantly, know your group and guide them accordingly. When you give free rein you might get more than you expected and might end up in difficult but wonderful depths. If you’d like, we can even come run it for you. Give Kevin (he’s the tall one) a shout at kevin@youthworkercircuit.com and we’ll set something up.

3 Questions leader guide