6 Words: RESPECT

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This series will allow you to explore and evaluate your own group’s attitudes and means of being welcoming to visitors and new members as you encounter them. Its impact goes beyond attendance, of course, as it leads them to live lives that welcome others into relationship with God through their own examples of discipleship. Each session is threaded through scripture and group interaction as you learn to define what Welcome means to you.

Each session moves through three segments, Read, Discuss, & Discover in which you’ll explore scripture, break into smaller groups to explore our theme and then come back together to learn from each other. 6 Words Of Welcome can be tailored to work from about 30 minutes up to an hour, depending upon participation and the amount of time you allow for discussion.

Individually and as a group, you’ll examine how you exhibit

WELCOME: What does it even mean for your group to be welcoming? Is it that important?

ATMOSPHERE: What kinds of things contribute to a welcoming atmosphere? What makes the people in your group feel welcome in other places? How well do you do those things when you’re together?

RESPECT: How does your group exhibit respect to new people? To existing members? To people outside of your group?

ACCEPTING: How welcome would a person of a different faith or practice of belief feel in your group?

SELFLESSNESS: Does your group have an obvious desire to put others before themselves? Why or why not? Why is this attitude in a life patterned after Christ?


COMMUNITY: How real is the bond between the individuals in your group? How obvious is that bond to others when they visit? Do they feel real support from each other beyond the walls of your meeting place?


Here’s week 3:


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