YouthWorker Circuit is a relational resourcing entity that provides fresh curriculum, trainings, and resources to use in youth ministry so that you can get past the ‘stuff’ of youth work and on with the doing of ministry.

We are not constantly trying to sell you something over and over again. We create challenging and fresh curriculum for youth worship or Sunday School settings and provide them free to our membership. But we don’t just create it and leave it up to you. We are here to walk with you through the resource and work that is youth ministry. Because youth ministry is so much more than a curriculum we also put up trainings, tutorials, tips & tricks, program ideas, administrative resources, interviews and whatever else we can create that will be a helpful resource to you in doing youth work.

You might be a volunteer, you might be a seasoned church staff veteran, you might have a large youth community, you may have a small youth community; it doesn’t matter to us, we want you to succeed at living into your calling of youth ministry.

The YouthWorker Circuit team is made up of a host of youth workers from various experiences and backgrounds. Many of us have been writing for the large publishing companies for years as well as working in the local church. We are leveraging out gifts and networks to help you be successful in ministry providing you with those tools, resources, and coaching that helps you to thrive in your youth ministry. Our goals is to help you get past the ‘stuff’ so that you can get on with the places that real ministry happens.

We operate on a monthly membership subscription basis. Our content is totally digital so that we can offer you a growing library of resources as a low cost option to you. For the price of about one hour of work you will find hours worth of curriculum, videos, challenging articles, reviews, stock images, retreat packages, studies, coaching tips, discussion sessions, live call in discussions, and whatever else we decide to put into the mix.

We look forward to doing some awesome things together as part of the YouthWorker Circuit.