Use UltraText to Promote Your Next Youth Event

Using UltraText for Youth Ministry Communication

Let’s face it, youth are not hanging out on Facebook anymore, so all that time we spend there is probably now just for the parents. But they are spending their time in their phones, texting and sending pictures to each other. So why not promote your next youth event with

Professional Looking Videos with Your iPhone

How to Do Professional Videos With an iPhone

We are throwing this down as an idea to show to the youth and let them run with it. Think you can come up with the next slam poetry viral video, maybe some cool reading of scripture? You might not have an ideas, but chances are that they have a

Why Teens Consume Social Media

Why teens consume social media

Spent last week with a batch of friends at the Txt2Speech conference put on by the fine folks at Center for Youth Ministry Training. Figured I would share some of my notes of interest from the conference. As a youth ministry, and society culture, we often times give too

SnapChat the new ‘It’ App

SnapChat the new 'It' App

Gosh, Facebook is so yesterday now for teens. Well, not so fast, but it could be happening. Slowly, it is hard to loose some billion people. Teens seem to be taking to more mobile friendly applications, Twitter is growing in usage, but what is booming is SnapChat. SnapChat is

Your Brain on Video Games

Your Brain on Action Video Games

Check out this intriguing video via the folks at TED. How do fast-paced video games affect the brain? Step into the lab with cognitive researcher Daphne Bavelier to hear surprising news about how video games, even action-packed shooter games, can help us learn, focus and, fascinatingly, multitask. Considering that, think

Using New Facebook Pages App

Schedule Updates Via the Facebook Pages App

If you are like me then you probably have some sort of Facebook Pages presence for your youth ministry. You post photos, videos, and whatever other information is important. Did you know though, that with the new Facebook Pages App you can schedule posts out ahead of time so that

10 Under the Radar Productivity Apps for the Youth Worker

Cozy Family Organizer App

Yes, you probably already know about Evernote, YouVersion, DropBox, Basecamp, the myriad of Google apps, and a host of other productivity applications that are great for youth ministry. But what are some of the mobile (and their web component) apps that are under that radar that you

5 Apps You Probably Never Thought You Needed for Ministry

iKnock Organizer

People create products, write books, and share content because they feel that there is a need for it (or maybe someone expressed a need for it) in the marketplace. In my pursuit of apps this week I am intrigued with some of the apps that people have created for a

An App for Your Youth Ministry Event

More Than a Volunteer Mobile App

One of the great things about being a part of our local Youth Pastors Anonymous group is that I can regularly hang out with some awesome people who challenge the normal processes of ministry. A recent, and upcoming, undertaking is a training by our network of youth workers for our

Ten Fresh Fonts to Use In Youth Ministry

Negative Space Font for Youth Ministry

Want to give your youth ministry publications some real pop? Using a terrible or overused font (ala comic sans) is a sure way for your poster/brochure/graphic to become quickly forgettable. Here are ten free & fresh fonts to use in your youth ministry. 1. MEZZANINE 2. A BEBEDERA 3.

Generation Text

Generation Text

Yes, we are suckers for a good infographic. One that tells us something about our teenagers culture & behavior is even more of a bonus. Courtesy of: Online Schools

I Hate You, Me, Family, People, Puppies, Bible, Bad Music, and Chinese Buffets but I Love Jesus.. and Kittens

Youthworker Circuit "I Hate Religion But Love Jesus"

If you haven’t been on a digital black out these past two weeks then you probably have seen the thumbnail photo of Jeff Bethke’s “Why I Hate Religion but Love Jesus” slam poetry video. Admittedly, I liked it; it had some valid points of which we, the religious folks, are

So I’ll Have to Say I Love You in a Password

Teenagers Exchange Passwords as Intimacy

The NY Times ran an article the the other day a bout the trend of teenagers showing their love & dedication by sharing of passwords. So romantic, you can sing along with me Well, I know it’s kind of late I hope I didn’t alert you But what I got