What to do with the Graduates?

Youth Ministry Graduates

I originally wrote this for Youthworker Movement. Wanted to share with our circuit folks as well. ME: We would like for us to recognize our seniors in service as graduating youth. PASTOR: That’s great, how would you like to do that? ME: We would want to recognize our two

First Rule of Youth Ministry, Tell the Parents Something


I am all for persecuted church lessons and helping teenagers understand the world around them and what Christians go through in persecuted areas. However, I might tell the parents if we were going to stage a kidnapping and interrogation to give them a mock experience. A southeastern Pennsylvania church

the dumbest most obvious YM advice ever.


It’s groundbreaking. Are you ready? Here it is: Have one unexpected point of communication with one parent and one youth every single day. There, you’re transformed. No cheating, either. Don’t count the call you had to make to replace a Sunday school teacher. Don’t count the visit to the lunchroom

Promising Results Still Missing The Point

Tobacco Use by Teenagers

I was looking over this stats graph the Washington Post has posted from the Youth Risk Behavior Survey; surgeon general’s report. I was encouraged to see that smoking tobacco has dropped significantly. However, smokeless tobacco has dropped off very little (in comparison) and actually has a trending rise. Does this

Meet and Make the Youth Activists

Youth Activists

Finding out about all the cool things that youth do is a really encouraging moment for me. I have had the privilege of helping some of our youth do homeless benefit concerts, plug in with immigrant communities, taking on global issues (such as malaria), and serving in elderly care. The

How Organized Sports Killed the Mission of the Church

How Organized Sports Killed the Mission of the Church

The other night I was sitting in a friend from church home. We had gotten into a conversation over our church’s lack of mission in reaching out to the world. In the course of the conversation I had mentioned a few things we could organize groups for or pull together

How I Stink as a Youth Minister

Youthworker Circuit | the Girl in the Mirror | How I Stink as a Youth Minister

I have been in youth work for almost two decades now. Over those years I have a few youth kids who haunt me. They haunt me in the form of my pondering scenes of ministry life with them and pondering how I feel that I failed them as a pastor.

Do Your Youth Ministry Teens Trust You?

Trust in Youth Ministry

I was having a conversation with two of my youth the other day. They were having some honest to goodness deep conversations about hurt/healing and repairing relationships within the youth group. Being the new guy I asked what some of the details were and who they were talking about. These

Generation Screwed

Generation Screwed Youthworker Circuit

We are suckers for the info-graphic. The outlook for young adults after graduation is not filled with the promise it once had. How can we help young adults to navigate the troubled job market or possibly encourage their own entrepreneurship? Created by: Online Graduate Programs

a Jesus Dojo for Youth Ministry

Youthworker Circuit Jesus Youth Ministry Dojo

I was reading again tonight an article that highlighted some of the failings of youth ministry as it is practiced today in the context of the western world, suburban, affluent church. Okay, maybe not all those categories accurately describe all crisis areas, but it does seem to be the contextual

A Glimpse At How Young People Will Shape the Kingdom

Kevin Olusola Cello Beatbox

When I grew up the cello was not an instrument of cool and amazing potential. I believe the only cool cello in my adolescence was the one that the James Bond girl in “Living Daylights” (circa 1987, had to look it up, even much older than I thought).

Celebrate the Small Things in Youth Ministry

Celebrate the Small Things in Youth Ministry

Do you celebrate the big little things in the youth ministry you are a part of? You need to… Many times I have had the opportunity to work with other youth workers on their ministry. We’ve covered a gamut of topics but the total goal has always been building and

I Hate You, Me, Family, People, Puppies, Bible, Bad Music, and Chinese Buffets but I Love Jesus.. and Kittens

Youthworker Circuit "I Hate Religion But Love Jesus"

If you haven’t been on a digital black out these past two weeks then you probably have seen the thumbnail photo of Jeff Bethke’s “Why I Hate Religion but Love Jesus” slam poetry video. Admittedly, I liked it; it had some valid points of which we, the religious folks, are