RHYTHM: Ash Wednesday devotion

ASH WEDNESDAY Reading: Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21 Piety What does piety look like in the life of a youthworker? As youthworkers, we often find ourselves drowning in a sea of content. Our attention to scripture largely involves a fodder hunt for our group meeting times – if we’re reading, in

Free lectionary content from YWC

  We’re jumping into the lectionary pool! 2015 was a big transition year for us at Youthworker Circuit. New family members and new life circumstances dictated a bit of a departure from form. As 2016 approached, we began a “What are we really doing here?” conversation that led to trying

GOD@TED: Aimee Mullins, the Opportunity of Adversity

GOD@TED Youth Ministry Curriculum

Aimee Mullins is an athlete, model, actress, and advocate who works to reshape the way culture perceives anything that varies from “normal.” As Christians, we’re called to avoid the unhealthy labeling she describes as spirit-crushing. This GOD@TED session seeks to help your group recognize how it handles adversity – and

Building Your Volunteer Team

Building Your Youth Ministry Volunteer Team

There is a lot of things that I like about “Building Your (Youth) Volunteer Team”, a new release from Mark DeVries & Nate Stratman of Ministry Architects and the folks InterVarsity Press. Mark, as many may know has been around youth ministry for more years than many

Use UltraText to Promote Your Next Youth Event

Using UltraText for Youth Ministry Communication

Let’s face it, youth are not hanging out on Facebook anymore, so all that time we spend there is probably now just for the parents. But they are spending their time in their phones, texting and sending pictures to each other. So why not promote your next youth event with

How to find & download the free new album from U2


If you’re like me you were excited to hear that U2 had injected its new album into your iTunes, gratis. If you’re even more like me, you spent the better part of the last day or so trying to find the damn thing to download it. If you’re completely

3 Questions

3Q logo.001

3 Questions is a program that we developed to help create honest dialogue between parents and kids. For some reason in a one-on-one setting there’s nothing harder for a kid to do than pose a point blank question to their parents. For parents, it’s hard to ask a kid a

Standard United Methodist Youth Ministry

Standard Youth Ministry

See what I did there? I’ve gone on a bit here and other places grousing about the lack of a standard of youth ministry, particularly within the UMC. “Particularly” because I’m in the UMC, not because they’re worse than anybody else about it. It irritates the hell out of me.

Quick Graphics with Presentation Software

How to Make Graphics or Design Posters in Keynote or Powerpoint

So you do not have Photoshop or Illustrator. You can still make some neat graphics without expensive programs. Here we show you a quick idea of making graphics for your ministry by using presentation software like Keynote or Powerpoint.

tis the season for a Youth Healing Service

Youth Healing Service

We know teens hurt. Offer some sacred spaces for healing of the youth ministry. This is a simple youth healing service to help you give such a space.

Youth Ministry Retreat Snack Idea

Youth Ministry Retreat Snack Ideas

Ever wonder what neat ideas you can insert into your youth ministry retreat? Of course you have, so have I. Here’s a fun snack idea to put together for your next youth group retreat. Here you have the Shepherd’s Trail Mix which is a neat package of snacks that have

Beyond Soup Kitchens & Sardines : Youth Ministry as Practical Theology

Rodger Nishioka Beyond Soup Kitchens & Sardines a Practical Theology to Youth Ministry

Great talk by Rodger Nishioka on “Essential Strategies for the Practice of Youth Ministry”. He does some ‘group work’ conversations so be prepared to scan ahead. Or you could even prep for his activities and watch this talk with your leadership team doing the activities.. Okay, you’ll be like me