What is Confirmation?

What is Confirmation? | What are confirmation resources?

Had an interesting conversation a few months back. We were planning our confirmation process (which we will highlight later at a later date). There were almost no sign ups, even though we had a few years worth of teenagers who had missed out on confirmation (due to leadership changes over that time). In talking about the lack of sign ups for confirmation one of the adults on the team said, “I am not sure most of our people know what confirmation is.” I was stopped in my tracks.

Growing up in the church, and the Methodist church in fact, confirmation was a known and regularly thrown about entity. To think that I could be in a UMC and have youth for years that did not know what that meant was a real shock. Once I got over my initial shock it became clear that they were most likely right on target.

Thinking further

If you have a youth ministry that has a large collection of un-churched teenagers or teens joining in from outside the church, they might not know what confirmation is as well. So here is fun little video to share when explaining confirmation.


What are Good Confirmation Resources?

If you are wondering what are some of our suggested confirmation resources, check out these links.

  • Claim the Name: This is the well-worn confirmation resource by Abingdon Press. It has been used for many years and has its dated spots. However, the teaching is solid and if you are stuck on a shoestring budget then you can probably find these materials for free from other churches. Might even be able to find some for cheap via Amazon.
  • CREDO: This is the newest confirmation resource by Abingdon Press. There are updates and newer lessons to work with. Materials are also easiest to aquire if you have the funds.
  • re:form: Is created by the folks at sparkhouse, the ecumenical arm of Augsburg Press. It has some really creative lesson designs and denomination specific history lessons that can be plugged into your teachings.


[featured image photo from Noblesville UMC confirmation page]