Contemplative Christmastide Worship Download

I’ve been designing and dreaming up contemplative worship experiences for over 8 years now with youth, young adults, regular ole’ adults and multi-generational groups. It has been one of the most mysterious and gratifying things I’ve done in ministry.

Being a part of the movement I thought I’d put together some ideas on pulling together your own “Contemplative Christmastide Worship” worship experience in these coming weeks. If you give this a go, it is designed to be a pretty simple set up and to go around 45 minutes to an hour. You are welcome to blow this out of the water and do some crazy stuff with it. That would be awesome!

If you do use it and get some pictures, could you send them to us to show on the site? That’d be really cool as well.

Have a fabulous Advent and Christmastide experience.

shalom -gavin