Creative Youth Group Announcement Idea

Creative Youth Group Announcement Ideas

My mother-in-law buys all kinds of these children’s apps for her iphone for my little guy. Thus he comes home asking to play with these various games which we in turn need to buy. Vicious cycle. This one set of apps I found to be pretty useful in making these neat announcements for youth group that can be put onto Facebook or YouTube to get your teens attention a little more than just the email or newsletter print stuff. Also, if you are tired of doing the same old announcements and have a projection set up you can use this as an alternative.

If you want to go way far with this you can make them into a standing character of the youth group much like Conan O’Brien would do with these random characters he would wheel out onto the set that did random nothings but people seemed to love them.

The app I am showing you in the tutorial is Larry the Talking Bird and then another test video is Talking Roby the the Robot

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Quick Example

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