every good end deserves a good beginning


I can’t tell you how excited I was at how well our session went last night. The youth had been patiently agreeable about filling out the surveys for the first couple of days. Yesterday was the first day that I had the chance to put up results; suddenly interest in the surveys spiked. Kids were grabbing siblings; parents were even grabbing spouses to get the whole family to take the survey.

I introduced Brian and emphasized again to the group again that the survey results weren’t intended to pigeon-hole anyone; rather, they were simply intended to serve as a guide as to where they might be spiritually at this moment in their journey.

The youth were hooked. Their questions were fantastic. It was like we’d touched a nerve. The great joy for me in the creation of this resource is that when we’re done we’ll have something that not only can help youth make better sense of their spirituality, but we’ll have something that can guide youthworkers to better minister and be in relationship individually with their youth and can train their leaders to do the same. It’s an electrifying feeling.

The spirit of this festival is tremendous. I’m actively pursuing a continued relationship between the YouthWorker Circuit and the youth community at Wild Goose going forward. If you didn’t make it this year I’d strongly urge you to attend next year.

You haven’t experienced anything quite like it between our shores.