Gavin & Kevin

gavin2013 NYWC profile

Two guys, one shorter & one taller, who dreamed up a place where youthworkers could get resources and support to challenge themselves & their students. Simple. We figured we had some mad skills, so why not us! We decided to do something about it & that dream became the YouthWorker Circuit.

Gavin Richardson | the short one

Gavin is a youth ministry veteran of over 15 years, a digital community builder, monastic misfit, hack photographer, computer geek, guy, husband, dad, church communicator, dog owner, social media participant anthropologist, internet community builder, speaker, & bill payer. He has had articles, books, CD-ROMs, photography, and interviews published through the UpperRoom, United Methodist Publishing House, Circuit Rider, Youth Ministry Today, United Methodist Reporter,, and more. Gavin currently is: launching YouthWorker Circuit (you are here so you see that), and currently writing a business book called “Sticky Sheep.” You can find him easily as he’s well liked by Google. Gavin thinks this is plenty for a bio & you’ve probably already stopped reading. He lives in the Nashville area with his wife Erin, almost 2yr old Brooks & two dogs (Coe & Crimson).


Kevin Alton | the tall one

This week Kevin punched a tasteless order of french fries flat to make himself stop snacking on them. He’s also senior editor for Youthworker Movement, an avid writer and author for many publishers of content for youth & children, and an infrequent contributor to his own blog at A general nuisance on Twitter as @elvisfreakshow, he lives with his sainted wife Britta and their two children (@shatnermysonsay) in the Georgia woods just outside of Chattanooga, TN.


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