GOD@TED: Aimee Mullins, the Opportunity of Adversity

GOD@TED Youth Ministry Curriculum

Aimee Mullins is an athlete, model, actress, and advocate who works to reshape the way culture perceives anything that varies from “normal.” As Christians, we’re called to avoid the unhealthy labeling she describes as spirit-crushing. This GOD@TED session seeks to help your group recognize how it handles adversity – and how it might be contributing negatively to the adversity of others.

TED conferences are a gold mine for youth ministry. You probably noticed that already, but maybe you don’t have time to dig through the archives for a nugget. We’ve got you on this one; go refresh your Facebook newsfeed.

The Internets of this is up to you. Find your favorite way to deliver the Aimee Mullins’ video from this session’s link to whatever comprises your meeting space. In the interest of keeping your job, PREVIEW the video before leading it. Don’t lose your job over a PG-13 swear word or an inappropriate reference. Know your audience.

Each session of GOD@TED will contain a link to a TED video with a discussion guide to follow the video. The aim is about 40 minutes of content, but TED videos vary in length, so pay attention when prepping your session.

You can preview Aimee Mullins’ talk here:

And here’s the discussion guide for our members:
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