Going Old School : Liking Your Parents Like Taylor Swift

Going Old School with Taylor Swift

This week I have been going old school highlighting some of the things in ministry that still work, or could even be more relevant than ever before.

Going Old School with Taylor SwiftIf you break down the time spent with teenagers that you on a week to week basis and then compare that to the how much time is spent with parents and peers you should feel a bit humbled as a youth worker. However, it seems, to often our youth worker is important status gets in the way of seeing that we are a cameo appearance in the lives of our teenagers. Now that cameo appearance might be the sage janitor giving sound advice.

Parents are to be as much of your ministry as the teenagers these days. Yes, you might feel that they expect you to fill in as spiritual guide & default to you, but don’t let that be the default. Meet with and work with parents to establish trust and rappor to set that foundation where you can have those tougher conversations.

Was reading this article on the pro-parent culture that counter to a culture portrayed by what I grew up with a “Parents Just Don’t Understand.” Taylor Swift sings about her parents in ways beyond the angst.

Swift is, in fact, systematically pro-parent and pro- family. She sings about men, yes, but she also sings about mom, dad, being nice, putting bullies in their place and backing up friends, all in a perfectly irony-free tone. She even publicly thanks father chaperones accompanying their daughters to her concerts.

Maybe we all have some unbuilding in our lives to get past the parents as road blocks and more as conduits to good ministry. So start bringing mom & dad around in ministry more, there’s some old school stuff.