Homosexuality and Scripture

Ben Witherington 3 Homosexuality and Scripture

Unless you have been living under a very large rock these last two decades you know all too well that the Christian faith & its followers have a very rocky relationship with the gay community. But what does scripture say about homosexuality? How are we to be Christian around the gay community? What, can we do and teach our youth about our faith and those who are gay?

I have been a long time admirer of Dr. Ben Witherington III. He is an authority on New Testament theology. Taught at Asbury Seminary for as long as I can remember. He’s been an avid blogger for years and shares deep insight into scriptural understanding. So I was quick to jump on this video where he shares a theology and scriptural understanding of Homosexuality and Scripture.

I encourage you to watch the whole thing, it is just seven minutes. You are welcome to disagree or agree. I actually do both depending on the various points.

As youth workers we have a huge gap in how we teach, and speak to, the way we treat the gay community. A larger gap in how we tend to teenagers that are sorting through their sexual orientation. As the public perceptions & feelings towards the gay community and union of marriage change, what role do we have in healing or calling to account? What is good theology and doctrine? What is good ministry that Jesus exampled for us? What are the things we do that are just mean?


If you are wanting to find a curriculum that examines homosexuality and the faith that tends to the gray lines or the unknowns of this topic then check out “This I Know” Study. Someone might call it gay affirming, and that is fine. I’ve read through it and it really is more gracious than it is about a right and wrong.

Yesterday I read a heart breaking article on an Iowa teen who killed himself after getting death threats because he was gay. I am pretty sure that something like that is not within Christ’s example of Kingdom. So maybe coming to a point of being more gracious is a better place than being right or wrong..