How to Make Online Ministry Registrations for Free

Youthworker Circuit | How To Use Google Forms to do Registrations for Ministry

Sometimes you have a need to get youth or adults to sign up for events but cannot or don’t want to wait around till the next gathering time to have that done. Doing something like that online used to be a coders only kind of job, not so anymore.

With this tutorial (around 9 minutes) I’m going to show you how to use Google Docs to set up online forms that you can use to get your youth group participants to sign up for whatever it is you might need.

I have used this in my ministry & can imagine using for:

  • Initial Mission Trip Sign Ups
  • Weekly Attendance Gatherings (just do a copy each week)
  • Weekend Retreat Sign Ups
  • Dinner Responsibilities Sign Up (a lot of check boxes)
  • Info Gathering During Off Periods
  • Building, Updating, or Re-Building Your Contacts Database (really great use there)

Check Out How Easy this Is and Have Fun Playing!

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