Music for a different kind of Youth Ministry

Back in the 90’s I used to listen to this band my friend Jason was in. They came to the camp I was a part of and put on a concert just for our summer staffers which was a real treat.

A decade later I’m hearing this guy equate a tense conversation amongst methodist denomination leaders of all levels to a scene from Empire Strikes Back.. and he was right. I knew this guy was going to be a friend. Come to find out some years later after sharing a lot of ministry together that he was the singer of Jason’s band whom I met and sang along with their songs some 11 years prior.

Carl has put together some of the most creative musical outlets for our Wesleyan traditions in my opinion. In this contemporary top 40 music culture we’ve created for ourselves Carl has crafted something new that is primed for those of you & I who are wanting something different for their youth (or church) ministries.

I love love his Wesley Project and am now falling in love with the Abolitionist Hymnal. Granted I’m totally biased in this review.. actually it isn’t so much a review as recommendation. When Carl sent out word for financial support in putting together the Abolitionist Hymnal I gladly pitched in some help. This is a prophetic imagination that needs to be available & used in our ministries. Teenagers want to be a part of something different that actually reflects the pain they feel and change they hope for in the world they are a part of.

Check out Abolitionist Hymnal and the other works of Carl Gladstone.