Free lectionary content from YWC



We’re jumping into the lectionary pool!

2015 was a big transition year for us at Youthworker Circuit. New family members and new life circumstances dictated a bit of a departure from form. As 2016 approached, we began a “What are we really doing here?” conversation that led to trying to more specifically nail down our niche in the youth ministry community. Community has always been at the heart of our approach, but we had struggled to find something central to answer the “What is Youthworker Circuit?” question.

So here we go! Beginning next Wednesday, Youthworker Circuit will be offering daily lectionary content through our blog, in a project we’re calling Rhythm. The blog piece will be short and devotional in nature – and free. For our members, we’ll be sending that devotional content a week ahead of time, along with a curriculum piece based on that coming Sunday’s readings. If you’ve been with us all along, we deeply appreciate you helping us get started. If you’re just joining us, welcome aboard! Feedback is always appreciated and we look forward to continuing the journey together.

Just for grins and goodwill, we’re giving away our Ash Wednesday session for free! This is a good one to do right before or right after your church’s Ash Wednesday service.

You can grab it here:
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