Prayer Station Ideas from the Past

Puzzle Pieces Prayer Station Idea

Have been working through old files on the computer. Ran across these photos of some of the prayer station ideas that Lilly Lewin set up for a worship we were doing together (with a few others) at the Festival of Homiletics circa 2006. My only ‘do over’ here would be to not use a comic sans type font. But it was still wasn’t completely over used back in ’06.

The interesting part to this set up was that it was within the sanctuary in a very traditional set up. Lots of pews and streamlined access points. Plus there were around 1500 people. The meditation centered on Jesus being what holds us together. Our scripture sermon was based around Colossians. Creating your own prayer station or response to a sermon with this idea is great for a Sunday service when you might have a large group of people who are not familiar with prayer stations as a part of worship. It is also an inexpensive option.

Laying on of Hands Prayer Station Idea


With this one we have a simple white sheet that people would lay their hands on and outline. Within there could be prayers or names of people. Others can lay their hands on other hand prints and make an outline as well giving a symbolism of ‘Laying On of Hands’ in prayer.

Jesus Holding Pieces Prayer Station Idea

let jesus

Puzzle Pieces Prayer Station Idea

If you are not able to read the meditation on the guide sheet for the station it says.

Hold the puzzle piece

Are you willing to let Jesus hold the pieces of your life today?

Talk to Him about that…

Take Home a Puzzle Piece

Let this be a reminder that Jesus is in control

And He is holding all things together

He is holding you too

Living in the Inbetween Prayer Station Ideas

I do not have the sheets for this one, but image the idea of creating a meditation similar.