Prayers for Prayers | 7 Practices of Discipleship through Prayer

Youthworker Circuit | Prayers for Prayers

Youthworker Circuit | Prayers for PrayersEver had the “How are you supposed to pray?” “What does it mean to pray without ceasing?” or “Why do we pray together as a church?” type questions?

Prayers for Prayers explores within a 7 week series various prayer practices in an experiential method. Youth at the end of this will have an understanding of one or two prayer practices that they enjoy and can continue into future life as well as a base knowledge of prayer practices they already experience and those that are part of our faith tradition.

The Seven Weeks Covers:

  1. Prayer as Relationship
  2. Breathing Prayer
  3. The Aware Prayer
  4. Prayer with Scripture
  5. Prayer with Church
  6. The Lord’s Prayer
  7. The Sound of Silence
Within the Series Are:
  • Lectio Divina Guides
  • Power Points
  • Poetry
  • Games and Activities
  • Prayer Sheets
  • Expanded Talk Sheets for Teachers
  • Video Tutorials to Help You

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