Professional Looking Videos with Your iPhone

How to Do Professional Videos With an iPhone

We are throwing this down as an idea to show to the youth and let them run with it. Think you can come up with the next slam poetry viral video, maybe some cool reading of scripture? You might not have an ideas, but chances are that they have a few.

The guys at Wistia, a video hosting company, put together this set of tutorials on creating professional videos with your iPhone (really a few iPhones).

How to Do Professional Videos With an iPhone

I would show this to some of your tech peeps and give them some examples of video ideas and let them dream something up. Creation of more than a some fancy filtered photos is possible with the technology they have in their pockets (or hands, youth rarely actually put phones in their pockets, they always hold them).

NOTE: Wondering how they came up with the lighting for the video? That has a pretty cool tutorial as well.