Quick Youth Ministry Devotional with Mad Gab

Quick Youth Ministry Devotional with Mad Gab

Quick Youth Ministry Devotional with Mad GabHere is a quick devotional idea to keep in the back pocket or use tonight if you have or feel like picking up the game Mad Gab.

Not sure what Mad Gab is? Well, Mad Gab is a team game, or with individuals, where someone reads out a phrase on a card. Now the phrase makes no sense at all. However, the words sound really close to someones name, a common saying, some place, or some thing. The object is for those participating to guess what the real phrase is.

Gotcha, so how is this usable for a quick devotional?

Think about this game, and the way it is played, and knowing scripture. We know the scriptures, just as we know the phrases. We know the people of the bible, just as we would know the people referenced in mad gab. Just as in Mad Gab, when we speak or share about our faith it can often times come across as some non-sense phrasing that leaves people with a confused look. We know what we are trying to get at, and chances are they might even know the content of the scriptures. The trouble is, How can we Speak the Gospel and have People Understand?

Lead off with that one and let the group discuss it for a few minutes then share as a group. You might get some ideas as; creating respect, making sure someone knows you, knowing your bible better, etc..

It is said we can have almost 12 conversations when we talk to someone; who we think we are & who we think we are talking to, who the other person thinks we are and who they feel they are and are being talked to, who we wish we were and how we would be talking to,.. it goes on like that.

So how can we go about speaking and being heard the way we hope?

My thoughts: We speak with an honest heart for the person. 1. That is at the core of the Gospel message and that comes across (90% of what is said is body language, or so I’ve heard). 2. We won’t have some ulterior motives of trying to force something on someone or making them seem less of a person than we feel we are.