RHYTHM: The Call – Galatians 1

Lectionary for youth ministry Galatians 1Proper 5: Galatians 1:11-24

Reading: Galatians 1:11-24

The Call

Paul’s conversion story would have been pretty spellbinding. “You what? Then what happened?” Jesus, who as you probably know had left our world, drops in again for a moment and stops Paul in his tracks. Blinds him. Abruptly changes the trajectory of his life. He’s apprehended by his calling. It’s remarkable that his conversion doesn’t resonate with love and forgiveness. It’s more of a, “You. Over here. Now” story.

That kind of directness can’t be ignored. No “heart strangely warmed” for Saul. “Eyes strangely dark,” perhaps. Also remarkable is how quickly he changes gears, moving from passionately against to passionately for literally overnight. The beauty of his conversion is that it saturates his speech. He can hardly speak without telling this story. His best explanation of the Way begins with, “This is what happened to me…” His call was undeniable.

Each of us has an origin story of our faith. Somewhere back there we have a memory of the first tug on our hearts or a night-and-day awakening to the reality of God’s love and forgiveness. It’s our most powerful way to share faith with others: “This is what happened to me.”

For reflection:

What is your Damascus road experience? Where did you run into God?

How often do you share this story with others?

Personal stories are your best, most honest, and most transparent ways of sharing your faith. Do you embrace that, or do you try to find other ways of talking about your faith?


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