RHYTHM: Church Meetings – Galatians 2

Ordinary Time Galatians 2Monday before Proper 6: Galatians 2:1-10

Reading: Galatians 2:1-10

Church Meetings

Having been in a lot of church meetings, I perceive that Paul was probably a bit of a loud-talker. I imagine him being one who would demand your attention and then forcefully keep it. I doubt the rambling-run-on factor got better when he would switch from writing to speaking.

Partial rabbit-trail there, but it comes up again tomorrow as this text continues. What I’d like to reflect on today is the staggering difficulty of the early church in expanding its understanding of the breadth and depth of God’s love and grace. It was one thing to convince the Jewish people that Jesus was the promised Messiah, God in flesh. It was quite another to explain to a Jewish person that yes, perhaps God’s kingdom would include Gentiles. And I’m sure another massive leap to bring a Gentile to any understanding of what it meant to be included in a kingdom they weren’t even looking for.

I see a lot of this same struggle today, as the church wrestles with who God might love and wish to include. We still have a hard time with who is our neighbor. We still can’t bring ourselves to love our enemy. And we very much try to close the door behind us on God’s grace. We’re in; that’s all that matters, right?

For reflection:

Who do you want to exclude from the kingdom of God?

If that’s too straightforward, what groups of people would have a hard time finding God’s love in your attitudes toward them?


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