RHYTHM: Confession – Psalm 32

lectionary for youth ministry psalm 32Friday before the 4th Sunday in Lent: Psalm 32

Reading: Psalm 32


There are two things that we do particularly poorly as a society—professing love, and admitting it when we’re wrong. Love is tricky. It’s even harder to express when it’s not amorous love, for some reason. Love between friends often lies unexpressed entirely! Why do we do that?

When it comes to confession, we’d often rather work ourselves into a wretched knot than just come clean on any misstep. We’re fantastic at manipulating circumstances or situations to lay blame anywhere but ourselves. What gets lost when we do that is any ability to move forward—we’re just stuck where we are, convincing ourselves that we’re not wrong.

Sin, though, is not as black and white as we try to make it when we staunchly stand in our own defense. Sin doesn’t answer to any list of rules or moral values as much as it does to whether or not any set of words or behaviors is moving us toward God or away. Away would be sin. Toward steps further into grace.

The gift of confession, though, is the opportunity to reverse course while in dialogue. We have an opportunity to embrace that which we had let go, to return to that which we had left behind. Don’t give up on that!

For reflection:

What is your natural reaction when you realize you’ve been moving away from God? Do you panic? Do you feel accused or cornered?

How does confession heal your interaction with God? With other people?


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