RHYTHM: Deep to Deep – Psalm 42

Lectionary for youth ministry psalm 42Saturday before Proper 7: Psalm 42

Reading: Psalm 42

Deep to Deep

To be honest, I’m more likely to run into God outside than most anywhere inside.

Don’t get me wrong; I love me a sanctuary. But over time I’ve realized that what I love most about a sanctuary is the feeling of the reverential presence of the fellowship of all believers who have ever darkened the door of whatever chapel or sanctuary I might find myself in. There’s a chapel at Camp Glisson, a UMC camp in north Georgia, where I can almost literally hear the footsteps of the thousands of children that have clattered through there. It’s one of my favorite places to sit and sing or pray.


There’s nothing like the sanctuary of being in nature. It’s like a continual, all-encompassing interaction with the divine. I’m certain I have substantially more memories of standing in awe of God outdoors than in. Camping by waterfalls. Hiking in the mountains. Kayaking down rivers. Thousands of sunsets. Playing in the woods with my kids. Watching the world renew the world, when we don’t interfere.

Beyond the wonder and beauty of it all, I’m drawn to the undeniable harmony of everything. Sure, there’s a food chain, but there is so much symbiosis that we could learn from. How much better would we carry out the work of the kingdom if we modeled that harmony inside the church?

For reflection:

What are some of your favorite memories from being in nature?

When have you encountered God in an unusual way outdoors?

How do you contribute to harmony within your local church? Where does your church struggle to find harmony?


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