RHYTHM: Out of the Depths – Psalm 30

Easter 3 Psalm 30Friday before the 3rd Sunday of Easter: Psalm 30

Reading: Psalm 30

Out of the Depths

Sorry to bounce from death dreams to tooth brushing back to depression, but… Well, that’s kinda how depression works. Deal with it.

This psalm does a particularly good job of describing the overwhelming sensation of realizing you’ve been overcome by your own shadow. You don’t always feel yourself getting pulled down, but you sure as hell know when you hit bottom. And coming back up? It’s like every movie you’ve ever watched where somebody gets flung into deep water and you instinctively hold your breath to see if the amount of time they’re under is believable. And it’s not, and you ultimately end up gasping on the couch for the 10 more seconds the person in the movie is below the surface.

Except that with depression it’s more like you’re the person in the movie. Down to Sheol, the dwelling place of all of the dead. Down to the pit. It’s interesting that in the Psalms there is no distinction between “good” or “bad” people in death. All pass into a place of separation from the protection of God. Praise is for the living. Sheol is a place of silence.

Only God is capable of pulling us from those depths. Weeping may linger for the night, but joy comes in the morning.

For reflection:

What does “down” feel like for you? Is it something you can fight off on your own, or do you need community?

What brings you back up?



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