RHYTHM: Door Flung Wide – Acts 11

Easter 5 Acts 115th Sunday of Easter: Acts 11:1-18

Reading: Acts 11:1-18

The Door Flung Wide

So. If you’ve been with us all week, we’ve wandered about a bit in conversation about what kingdom means. Today, the disciples are joining us.

I doubt the disciples were written as a comic foil against Jesus’ groundbreaking teaching, but they play the part well in places. Pretty commonly we’d find them at least two beats behind on what Jesus was saying, occasionally requiring a private sit-down following a parable for a, “Whaaa, Jesus?” explanation.

Small wonder that we find them slow to catch on to the wideness of the net of the gospel that had promised to make them fishers of men. Primed in chapter 10 by a vision, Peter goes and, in what could possibly be described as accidental witness, shares the good news of Jesus. While Peter was still speaking, the Holy Spirit overwhelms the room. Baptisms for everyone.

(ALL THE DISCIPLES): “You did what!?”

So Peter explains about the dream and the accidental witnessing and what would come to be known as “the last night of youth retreat” that went on with the Gentiles. The Holy Spirit made clear what Jesus had tried to: this thing is for everyone.

Everyone can give in to the kingdom love.

For reflection:

Are there any groups or individuals that you tend to think of as “outside” of God’s kingdom?

Are there any people you know that your Christian friends would be surprised to find you talking to?

How do you share God’s love with people that haven’t experienced it yet?


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