RHYTHM: Dry and Weary Land – Joel 2

Trinity Sunday joel 2Monday before Trinity Sunday: Joel 2:18-29

Reading: Joel 2:18-29

Dry and Weary Land

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of restoration.

I’m reminded of a thousand things as I read through this passage in Joel 2. The need to be restored puts me in mind of a time when I borrowed a trailer from a friend to do an absurd amount of tree work in my yard. I worked from breakfast to dinner, hardly taking a break. It was hot. I was soaked in sweat and sawdust. When I finally returned the trailer near sunset, I unhooked it in my friend’s side yard. As I straightened back up, I was transfixed by the view of his swimming pool. Without a moment’s hesitation, I walked over and stepped into the deep end, fully dressed—boots and all. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

Going without creates a kind of vacuum of desire—whether the loss is food, heat, or closeness in a relationship. The longer we go without, the stronger the longing grows. It can become painful. But the pain tells us one thing: it tells us that we haven’t given up.

In Joel 2, the voice of God is speaking to a felt need. Good things will return to Israel. They are not forgotten. Praise be to the God who restores us.

For reflection:

When have you found yourself in a season of dryness?

When have you been in need of restoration, whether by God or in a personal relationship?

What opportunities do you have to provide restoration to the physical needs of others?


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