RHYTHM: My Enemies – Psalm 59

Lectionary for Youth Ministry psalm 59Monday before Proper 8: Psalm 59

Reading: Psalm 59

My Enemies

Deliver me.

It’s different than asking for victory, isn’t it? There are plenty of other places in the Psalms where the author asks for all manner of holy hell to befall enemies, but here the tone is different. Protect me. Save me.

With depression, at least for me, there’s an element of being your own worst enemy. You’re inescapable, but also capable of being a really, really bad influence. You always have the last word. And you can be pretty convincing. It’s believed that this psalm is a reference to a part of the time that David spent fearing for his life—King Saul wanted him dead. David had plenty of opportunities to kill Saul, but wouldn’t raise his hand against the Lord’s anointed. David didn’t even want God to harm him.

I have to hold the same position. My enemy is also the Lord’s anointed, so to speak. I have the same desire to be delivered at times. And I hold out hope that one day my enemy may come around to my side. Fortunately I’ve come a long way in dealing with it, and I’ve learned to be honest with people I can trust. Friends know that a casual, “How’s it going?” will sometimes be met with a more serious answer. I’m fortunate. Many are not.

For reflection:

If you wrestle with or know people who struggle with depression, how do you resonate with this psalm?

What approaches have you taken to process your mental health?


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