RHYTHM: Go Fish – Luke 5

Easter 4 Luke 5Wednesday before the 4th Sunday of Easter: Luke 5:1-11

Reading: Luke 5:1-11

Go Fish

There’s this joke that’s stuck with me for most of my life. It falls into a category for which I have a soft spot: so dumb it’s funny. Example: My brother walks up to me and says, “What rhymes with orange?” and I said, “No it doesn’t.” See?

The joke that came to mind reading today’s text from Luke 5 has a few variables and can take as long as 45 minutes to tell around a campfire, but the short of it is this: Two guys are fishing in a boat on a lake. They catch nothing all day, but 15 minutes before the sun sets, they catch about 100 fish. Concerned about getting back to the dock before dark but equally worried about not being able to find this spot on the lake in the morning, one friend worries aloud about their quandary. The other quickly replies, “Not a problem. I already marked the side of the boat where we found them.”

Jesus’ fishing advice seems equally ludicrous, especially considering he’s offering it to professional fishermen. “Put our nets on the other side of the boat? What does that even mean? Who is this guy?” It’s possible Jesus was just being transparent right off the bat—this was hardly the last time the disciples would shake their heads over Jesus’ lack of conventional ways. Might as well hit them with it the first time.

For reflection:

When have you been genuinely surprised by the movement of God?

When have you had an opportunity to participate in that kind of unusual movement?

How are you guiding those around you to look for God in unusual ways and places?


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