RHYTHM: History Repeating – Acts 7:35-42

Acts 7:35-42Friday before the First Sunday in Lent: Acts 7:35-42

Reading: Acts 7:35-42

History Repeating

In Acts 7:35-42, Stephen is setting the council up for a serious backhand. If you’re not picking up on it, the pattern he’s suggesting is “God sends leader; you reject leader.” But repetitive patterns circle most of our shortcomings, don’t they? What are you fasting from this Lent that you’ve needed to fast from in previous years?

The pattern itself isn’t the bad part—not recognizing our self-destructive patterns is. It’s not enough to come to Lent each year with a genuine, even perhaps sorrowful attitude about our missteps. Repentance doesn’t just mean acknowledging, or even acknowledging and apologizing. True repentance means all of that and then indicating that we want to live differently. How do we most truly indicate that? By living differently.

For reflection:

How reluctant are you to deeply examine your own spiritual attitudes and behaviors?

Are you more inclined to do true independent assessment, or do you tend to grade yourself strictly in comparison to others?

What does real repentance look like for you?

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