RHYTHM: Just Enough – 2 Kings 4

lectionary for youth ministry 2 Kings 4Wednesday before the 5th Sunday in Lent: 2 Kings 4:1-17

Reading: 2 Kings 4:1-17

Just Enough

To establish the authenticity of a prophet, scripture often records several “proving” miracles about the person in question. In the tradition of Elijah, Elisha is shown here multiplying oil, raising someone back to life, purifying food, and multiplying bread. It’s somewhat similar to establishing someone as a saint; miracles must be attributed. Hanging from the handlebar of my primary transportation is a medal for St. Columban, credited as the patron saint of motorcyclists. His miracles are pretty sweet; he ordered a bear from a cave, escaped from wolves, and multiplied bread and beer for a village.

In scripture, however, we can look to the purpose of the miracle to see the movement of God. Elisha could have shown up with groceries or asked what staples the Shunammite woman might like to have stocked. But the miracle addresses two interesting points of participating in the movement of God:

What do you have on hand?

How much are you prepared to receive?

The need for provision can escalate into an unhealthy presumption of deservedness—otherwise known as a prosperity gospel. Somebody is driving your Cadillac. This is not that. This is God showing up in your life and asking you to assess what you already have, then growing that as much as you can contain. Again, I don’t mean to translate that into physical possessions. But what if we approached our spirituality with that in mind?

For reflection:

What are your natural spiritual strengths? How are you developing them?

Are you more likely to focus on where you are strong, or where you are weak?


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