RHYTHM: King for a Day – Luke 19

lectionary for youth ministry Luke 19Palm Sunday: Luke 19:28-40

Reading: Luke 19:28-40

King for a Day

I’ve never been able to imagine fully what Jesus must have been experiencing here.

Every step toward Jerusalem was a step closer to the end. I feel a rising level of anxiety as the gospels each work their own way toward the cross. Paired with the apparent growing excitement of those around Jesus, I think I’d need more time alone than usual. Everyone else believed the return to Jerusalem would precipitate, finally, the coming kingdom of God, with Jesus as Messiah. They were right, but not like they thought.

Jesus’ closest disciples, who wouldn’t understand what Jesus meant by kingdom even after his death and resurrection, had to be especially excited. For three years they’d walked with this man, learning from him and loving him. Here, today, returning to Jerusalem, Jesus would at last get his due. A crowd was forming. Jesus sends for a colt, and suddenly it’s like a parade. People are waving palm branches and shouting. Others are stripping off outer garments and lining the streets with them for the colt to walk across—a welcome befitting a king.

I wonder if Jesus, also wholly man, knew how long it would take before it all collapsed. I wonder what he was feeling for his disciples during his entrance to Jerusalem.

For reflection:

We obviously have the benefit of history; can we really fault the disciples for not understanding Jesus’ message? Did they miss any obvious clues?

What obvious tugs on your life from God are you good at ignoring?

What does it mean to you to be a part of God’s kingdom?


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