RHYTHM: Holy Ground – Acts 7:30-34

acts 7Thursday before the First Sunday in Lent: Acts 7:30-34

Reading: Acts 7:30-34; Psalm 91:1-2

Holy Ground

If you’re pressed for time but really, really need to know what happened in the Old Testament, Acts 7 does the trick nicely. Stephen’s speech before the council that would ultimately murder him is a blaze of succinct history. Right in the middle we find Moses, encountering God.

The importance of sacred space ebbs and flows in youth ministry. The work of sacred space isn’t intended to create dress code rules, like hats/no hats in the sanctuary or, Moses’ case, a stipulation about footwear. The beauty of sacred space is that we’re meant to realize that we’re in the presence of God—just react naturally to that reality.

The psalm reminds us that God’s presence also connotes shelter. Take comfort in God’s presence as you journey through Lent!

For reflection:

Where are the sacred spaces in your life? Where are some “thin places” where you find God, regardless of how long you’ve been away?


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