RHYTHM: Unheard – John 12:27-36

John 12 lectionary youth ministrySaturday before the First Sunday in Lent: John 12:27-36

Reading: John 12:27-36


Not to make light of the moment visited in this text, but Jesus is experiencing—at a minimum—what every youth minister feels when it’s clear no one has been listening. “But when is the trip, Jesus? How much is it? Why haven’t we been told about this already?” Where we just experience a mildly depressing sinking feeling when our youth parents have failed to read the email/bulletin/text message/website/FB page or even, on occasion, you speaking directly to them, Jesus knows his own death is on the line.

I’m going to die, and they don’t get it. “What is this ‘lifted up’ you speak of, Jesus?” “Who is this ‘Son of Man’ fella anyway? It’s fine; everybody knows the Messiah is here to stay.”

Imagine standing in that moment, knowing that quit is not an option.

For reflection:

Least heard moment of your youth ministry experience. Go.

What is your practice of listening, spiritually speaking? How long does it take you to get to a place where you’re quiet enough long enough to hear the way God speaks to you?


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