RHYTHM: Power Surge – Luke 8

Proper 6 Luke 8Wednesday before Proper 6: Luke 8:40-56

Reading: Luke 8:40-56

Power Surge

I worked in a cabinet shop for a few years, building fireplace mantels and exterior appointments for new construction homes. This was back before the housing crash in 2007, so business was kicking. A big part of running a successful woodshop is making lots and lots of sawdust. By extension, a big part of running a successful woodshop is cleaning up lots and lots of sawdust. The shop hadn’t yet installed its dust collection system—effectively a giant vacuum continually pulling on all tools—so cleanup was a good old-fashioned broom and dustpan.

On one end of the shop we had two table saws set up back to back, generating quite a pile of dust between them. One day it was my turn to clean. Not wanting to interrupt the work that was being done, I crawled between the running saws with a dust shovel. I reach out with it, when suddenly ZZZAAAAAAP!

No, I didn’t get cut. I was nearly two feet from the base of the saw, but I saw what looked like a miniature lightning bolt arc from the base of the saw to my hand. It hurt. Turns out those two saws running side by side generates quite a bit of static electricity.

I always imagined something like that happening in this story. Maybe without the pain. But something like, “If I could just touch the hem of his…” ZAP. I love that Jesus’ power is so accessible by true faith that he didn’t even have to authorize its use.

For reflection:

When have you genuinely leaned into your faith? What does that mean for you?


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