RHYTHM: Resolve – Luke 9

Lectionary for Youth Ministry Luke 9Proper 8: Luke 9:51-62

Reading: Luke 9:51-62


I have high medical anxiety. I don’t care how simple or ordinary a process or procedure is, if it’s the first or second time it’s going to happen to me, I freak right out. Pulse is high. Cold sweats. Probably a little fainty. If I’m at the hospital for any reason, we usually start the process with a request for something to take the edge off. If they don’t concede immediately, they generally warm up to the idea of their own accord.

I recognize the resolve described in verse 51; I have had to do it. That moment where Jesus sets his face toward Jerusalem is how I feel every time I have to face a new doctor or dentist or surgery or… even call to ask for a prescriptions, if I’m honest.

Obviously Jesus was facing much more than a tooth filling. What was to come would have been horrifying. Especially knowing that your closest friends, your followers, hadn’t really caught on to where all of this was headed. They still thought he was overthrowing Rome. They hadn’t even finished arguing yet about who was greatest among them.

I wonder if any of them even noticed the change.

For reflection:

When have you faced great difficulty in your life and felt alone headed toward it?

Have there been times when you realized too late that you had missed an opportunity to be present for someone else facing something hard to deal with?


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