RHYTHM: Restoration – Psalm 126

lectionary for youth ministry psalm 126Friday before the 5th Sunday in Lent: Psalm 126

Reading: Psalm 126


For a time I was a pretty avid kayaker. I’d arrive at church with my boat in the back of the truck and take off to the nearby Ocoee River for the afternoon. Both the Ocoee and Nantahala rivers are dam controlled, which means that they can be turned off to a trickle. The Nantahala gets turned off every night most of the year. When I was learning to paddle, we would fairly often go camping for several days at a time, kayaking between sleeping and eating.

If you get out on the Nantahala first thing in the morning, you sometimes would encounter an odd phenomena: you could outrun the river. Seriously. If you put on too early, you’d end up paddling ahead of the river as it was filling up. Your trip would come to an actual grinding stop on rocks, and you’d just sit there until the rising river finally picked you up again and carried you on downstream.

I hear that kind of ebb and flow in this psalm. There’s thanksgiving for restoration. Then a plea for the same. Finally, a promise that those sowing tears would eventually reap joy. This is the rhythm of life; everything happening in its season. We can be grateful that our God is with us through all of our days.

For reflection:

What kind of season are you in at the moment? Are you bobbing along on a supportive wave, or are you stranded on the rocks?

When you’re in a down spiritual season, are you able to look beyond it? Who supports you during these times?


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