RHYTHM: Show Me Your Friends – Luke 19

Easter 6 Luke 19Saturday before the 6th Sunday of Easter: Luke 19:1-10

Reading: Luke 19:1-10

Show Me Your Friends

People sure did get grouchy about who Jesus spent his time with.

After a while you’d think they’d have gotten used to it. This knowledgeable Jew had an obvious deep familiarity with their scripture, but seemed determined to turn it all on its ear. Eating with tax collectors and sinners. His disciples didn’t wash their hands before sharing bread. They even pick grain to nibble on during the Sabbath. What was the world coming to?

What fascinates me is the odd duality of Jesus’ opposition trying to discredit him while still trying to hold him to a standard. Instead of using his perceived missteps as real ammunition against him, they were simply baffled by his behavior. “Look at Jesus! Jesus isn’t like us; he’s not one of us. Why isn’t Jesus like us?”

Jesus is flying in the face of the “in the world but not of it” philosophy of a lot of today’s practices of Christianity. Jesus went fully into the world, bringing the light of God’s love with him. Our call as Christians is not to separate ourselves from culture to create a Christian subculture. We’re meant to be the image-bearers of God, diving in to our world and being excellent while we’re here.

For reflection:

When have you seen Christian subculture undermine the potential influence of the church or individuals in our world?


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