RHYTHM: Why so Sisceras? – Judges 4

easter 2 judges 4Tuesday before the 2nd Sunday of Easter: Judges 4:17-23

Reading: Judges 4:17-23

Why So Sisceras?

This was easily one of my top five stories in scripture when I was a kid.

I was one of those kids that does what every children’s ministry person should hope no kid ever does: I read the Bible. Seriously. Kids actually sitting and reading through scripture should be alarming to leaders.

Here’s the thing. My son is a huge Steph Curry fan. He has had to do some reports on Steph for school. He’s even done some reports on Steph that he didn’t have to do for school. You know where a great place to get information about Steph Curry is? The Internet.

Here you go, son. Use the entire Internet to find out about Steph Curry.

You wouldn’t do that, right? Fortunately there are filtered versions of the Internet where he can go to feast on Steph Curry video clips without us worrying about him bumping into other video clips. But you can’t put an age-appropriate filter on scripture. My first encounter with murder was in the Bible. Incest. Adultery. Rape. Worst Veggie Tales ever. I return again and again to scenes of bizarre violence or sexuality (or both) and try to understand a) what was going on and b) why it was in my Bible, seemingly getting a thumbs-up from God.

I don’t mean that kids should never read the Bible. I just mean that we’re for some reason blind to potential harmful exposure. These are subjects they won’t be able to really developmentally grasp—even outside of scripture—for years. But we toss it to them saying things like, “God’s word” and “God’s promises for your life.” How is that responsible spiritual guidance?

For reflection:

What was your introduction to scripture like?

What did you discover on your own that built your faith? Anything that confused or discouraged you?


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