RHYTHM: Spitting Mad – Revelation 3

Easter 3 Revelation 3Thursday before the 3rd Sunday of Easter: Revelation 3:14-22

Reading: Revelation 3:14-22

Spitting Mad

We live in a small country house. It’s a 2 bedroom 1 bath, just (barely) large enough for me, my wife, and our two sons. At any given time one or more of us might argue that it’s actually not large enough, but most days it is.

However. If there’s a line for the sink when it’s time to brush teeth and I’m not at the front of it, I’m destined for disappointment. Every time I brush my teeth after someone else in my family, I inevitably have the same routine: wet brush. Apply toothpaste. Put brush in mouth. And oh-gross-spit-it-out.

You see, I’m the only one in my family that uses cold water when brushing teeth. My wife has a very specific blend of room temperature water she shoots for, while the boys simply have leftover muscle memory from when they were little. They’d tightly clamp their brushes in their dominant right hand, leaving only the left hand free to reach out and… turn on the hot water.

I fully resonate with God in Revelation 3. Lukewarm water has a one-way pass out the same way it came in.

For reflection:

Obviously there’s a more spiritual application to be made here. What are some of the extremes in your spiritual journey? What’s hot for you? Cold?

Where do you find yourself fighting off being lukewarm? How long does it take you to notice that’s where you are?


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