RHYTHM: Temple – Ephesians 2

Lectionary for Youth Ministry ephesians 2Tuesday before Proper 8: Ephesians 2:11-22

Reading: Ephesians 2:11-22


The phrase, “the dividing wall of hostility” leaps out at me. Sometimes I think the dividing wall is the only thing keeping us together.

Facebook is an untenable disaster. Initially it had a curious excitement about it—suddenly, everyone that had ever been in your life could be back in it. Then, disaster: suddenly they were. It was downhill from there. The departure of youth from the social media entity was the early sign. If everybody is there, they didn’t want to be there. Many of those who remained realized it’s power as a platform for spewing (and respewing) hatred and ignorance. Intentionally ostracizing. Bullying. Just ugly awfulness. Sure, there’s still pictures of cats and food and poorly cropped grandparent profile pics. But ugly has come to stay. Ever find yourself just refusing to look at Facebook the day after a political event or the latest mass shooting?

It’s a corporate environment as well. Truly the only reason I remain on it is that I manage a number of Facebook pages. Price of doing business. But I rarely post anything. I’d have to check, but I wouldn’t be stunned to find that my two most recent posts were back-to-back “thanks for all the birthday wishes” a year apart.

That kind of hostility stood between the Gentiles and the Jews, called “the uncircumcision” and “the circumcision,” respectively. Jesus came and somehow broke down that dividing wall. We are divided a hundred ways more today, even within the fold of Christianity. Can we knock down the walls?

For reflection:

Where have you seen deep, ugly division even within Christian circles?

When have you contributed to division?

When have you moved to unite in difficult circumstances?


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