RHYTHM: Toward Worship – Psalm 122

Easter 3 Psalm 122Tuesday before the 3rd Sunday of Easter: Psalm 122

Reading: Psalm 122

Toward Worship

I have this theory that we gather for worship too often.

It’s not a theory that I’ve fully developed, but I’ve mentioned it a few times—particularly among worship leaders—to warm reception. Here’s the thing: we have professional worshippers. We pay them to “put on worship” week after week. Pastors wrestle for hours over sermons. Musicians fret over song selection and (sometimes) over theological content in lyrics. And the people come… joyfully? Not often. Expectantly? Maybe sometimes. Where’s the excitement in coming into the presence of God?

Psalm 122 is a “psalm of Zion,” which means that it would have been sung on the way to gathering for one of the important festivals. Which happened every week, right? Nope. There were 3.

When was the last time your family was so excited about getting to church that they broke out in anticipatory song on the way there?

I don’t have a fully thought out alternative proposal. I’ve considered the notion of a once a month worship gathering, with family-based small group gatherings on the weeks in between. Going the other direction: if we could engage just the worship part of worship—showing reverence and adoration for God—then we should do that every dang day. But if there has to be an announcement and 3.4 songs and announcements and arguments about whether kids interrupt the service or are a delight to God’s ears… once a week is too much for me, in that case.

For reflection:

I realize the irony of making that statement within a daily lectionary devotion resource with a weekly curriculum piece attached to it. How do you keep your spirit freshly engaged in worship?


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