RHYTHM: Unity – Ephesians 4

Trinity Sunday Ephesians 4Friday before Trinity Sunday: Ephesians 4:1-6

Reading: Ephesians 4:1-6


Nice try, Paul, but that sounds impossible.

Unity is not our friend. We live in such an individualist world that we’re preconditioned to see most things as against us if they’re not immediately and obviously for us. My office has a 2nd story balcony (I know, it does sound awesome, and it is) overlooking a four-way stop in the small town where I live. All day long I watch people wildly gesturing outrage at each other over the perceived offense of going out of turn. The nerve! Horns are honked, engines revved threateningly (it’s Georgia), expletives and fingers fly.

About stop signs.

Clearly Paul couldn’t foresee the deeply divisive future of traffic regulations, or he wouldn’t have bothered with all this tripe about being unified. About living with humility and gentleness. Patience. Bearing with one another. In love, no less. I’m making light about the stop sign thing, but I’ve seen this attitude plenty in the church as well. Forget about the gabillion denominations within Christianity. How embarrassingly out of unity are your church’s committees?

We’ve got an awful lot of work to do if we want to show our world anything like unity in Christ.

For reflection:

Where do you struggle to “bear with one another in love”?

How are you leading your youth toward unity with each other?

What things tend to divide your group?

What does it mean to you to live a live worthy of your calling?

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