RHYTHM: The World – James 4

Proper 6 james 4Thursday before Proper 6: James 4:1-7

Reading: James 4:1-7

The World

I think we’re in this world all wrong at this point.

So much of church culture has always been about being apart, pulling away. That’s not how we were put here, according to our scriptures. In theory we’re here to care for the planet and each other. What’s not to like?

Somewhere along the way we handed off our right and ability to make culture in this world. Why would we give that away?

I get being different. But the things we’re using to “set ourselves apart” are, for the most part, crappy versions of things that already exist in our culture. Movies, music, social media, even dating sites have Christian versions. The thing that’s really supposed to set us apart from this world is how we love. There’s not a Christian version of love. Love is just love, and we’re supposed to show everybody how.

But we don’t do that well, so we settle for slapping the label “Christian” on the things we do or consume—rather than just being undeniably Christian.


For reflection:

What do you do with real excellence? How is God honored through how you do that?

Where do you struggle to demonstrate God’s love in a way that is undeniably Christ-like?

Would the separation from what we call “the world” be as necessary if we were really living the lives we’re called into? Why or why not?



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