RHYTHM: Worship Wars – Psalm 150

easter 2 Psalm 150Friday before the 2nd Sunday of Easter: Psalm 150

Reading: Psalm 150

Worship Wars

Arguments have been made that suggest guitars aren’t welcome in worship because they’re not specifically mentioned in scripture. The mic-drop reply to this is that stringed instruments are mentioned. Even if you wanted to get rulesy literal about the Bible dictating what instruments can be played in worship, you’re still stuck with cymbals. What’s more annoying than cymbals?

I’m a traditional worshiper at heart; I love liturgy and the reverent atmosphere that traditional settings seem more inclined to observe. I’m also a guitarist, so I’m most often found in contemporary worship. But what gets lost in the disagreements about what instruments/music/style/whatever should be present in worship is what worship is for: engaging and praising the divine. Look at Psalm 150: six verses; the word praise is there 13 times. And this is the 5th psalm in a row punctuated with praise!

A mistake we make too often, though, is believing that praise can only happen through song. Sure it can happen in song. But it can also happen in sacrament. In prayer. In silence, for crying out loud. Wouldn’t you get tired of it if every compliment you ever received was sung at you?

For reflection:

What is your most natural means of offering praise to God? Some sing; others paint, write, or just sit in God’s presence in silence. What’s your favorite?

What is a new way you could try to offer praise to God this week?


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