RHYTHM: You’re not Listening – Jeremiah 11:1-11

Jeremiah 11Monday before the 4th Sunday in Lent: Jeremiah 11:1-11

Reading: Jeremiah 11:1-11

You’re not Listening

We have this hilarious game that we play at our house. We’ve got two young boys, 9 & 11 at the moment. The game goes like this: I say something—anything. I might be asking them to unload the dishwasher, or maybe wondering if they know where their mom is, or possibly even wanting to offer dessert for breakfast. That’s my turn. Then it’s the boys’ turn, and guess what they do: NOTHING AT ALL.

It’s the best. We play it all the time. We had a good round this morning, somehow beating out last night’s round of total unresponsiveness while getting ready for bed. I know partly it’s just their age, but as a longtime youthworker I know that it’s just going to get worse in the next few years. Oh, you stiff-necked people. How long will you take to put on your socks and shoes and get your butts in the car?

This passage in Jeremiah represents the collapse of the covenant with Judah, all that remains of the once unified kingdom of Israel which peaked (however briefly) with the transition from David to Solomon. You can hear the exasperation in God’s voice. “You’re not listening to me,” God says. “You’re not even paying attention to the people that weren’t listening to me before you.”

For reflection:

When have you felt unheard in ministry? Was it a one-time event or an ongoing situation?

When have you realized that you weren’t hearing another person’s needs?

How do you make sure you’re remaining open to whatever God might be speaking into your life?


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