Setting up the Infrastructure to Your Youth Ministry

Chris Folmsbee, who is a excellent thinker and trainer on youth ministry started attending and helping out with the youth community at Church of the Resurrection. So it is interesting to read some of the 13 ideas he shares about getting plugged in as a volunteer in youth ministry now.

I think I would assign a veteran volunteer to show them the ropes for a
few weeks in a row. There is nothing like the feeling of standing in a
room all by yourself. Crazy awkward. Remember how you felt as a
teenager when that happened to you? Yep. It still feels the same.

I know I’d do a better job following up with new volunteers. An email
or a phone call asking, “How can we make your time better or make you
feel more comfortable?” can go a long way with a newbie.

Being familiar with the folks at CoR, I know one of their staff’s core questions is how effectively did they provide people opportunities to be in ministry. So it is not a surprise they do this part well. We can all learn from that. If you didn’t know they have some great little reads that I keep with me, one on youth ministry & another on recruiting volunteers.

Its a good list to check out. I do mention in comments that there is some need to ‘say’ that some of those items will happen naturally in a smaller environment. But the principles there are solid.